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As we want to protect our designs and your market as your customers’ market, we register all our designs.

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The lbtY calculator

We are anything, but ordinary. On our website you can now place your orders to fit in a 40HC. Our lbty calculator will do the work for you. Easy and accurate. If you can shop online for your private purchases, you might do it as well on professional basis.

Have in mind, we just show our standard products on the website. Of course we can change the colors, put your hardware on, print your shipping marks on the boxes and we are happy to help you with the best prices. If you have any question, we are here to assist you. Just send an email to and you will get your answers within 24 hours.


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Stand out from the crowd

Standout from the crowd with your private label ranges or exclusive separate items. Be different from your competition and offer an exclusive product to your customers in 2018. One of the most effective ways to do this, is with a private label program produced by inside saigon. Since inside saigon‘s sales policy is based on geography, our partners can honestly say to their clientele, “We are the only ones to carry this piece of furniture.”

To make sure that your designs will not be copied, we will not show all on
Take a look at our top 4 selling product ranges below. Are you interested, just contact us.

Take me higher

The European trend of last year continues in 2018. The production of highboards is getting up and up. In 2018 the higboards will conquer Australia.

Racks and Stacks

inside saigon takes the common storage rack to the next level. We aim big on the racks this year. It’s time to stack your market!

Dining and wining

240 cm length for Europe, 74 cm height for Korea, extendable for France, nature color for Sweden, darker for the USA. You name it, we make it.

And that’s the way it is

This line was spoken by Walter Cronkite at the end of most broadcasts of CBS Evening News. Check out here how we make television.

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all ranges are made with the metal color of your choice

the hot metal top 5